Fragrance Note Pyramid

Have you ever wondered about the layout of fragrances? You've probably heard things like "top note" or "base note" thrown around a lot.

Top notes are the very first thing that hits you in the face when you pop the lid off a product and take a sniff. Citrus notes like lemon or lime, and aromatics like lavender or lemongrass. Your very first impression.

Middle notes are what comes next, the very heart of a scent. Think fruity blueberries or strawberries or apples, or those bright scents like grass or bamboo. Florals are also included in this category, which is why they often shine forward even in a complex blend. Same with spices like cinnamon and clove, though they fall to the "bottom" of the middle note scale, moving more toward the base.

Base notes bring all of it together and provide the lingering aroma. Oakmoss, sandalwood, amber, cedar, and patchouli all fall into this category. Sometimes you may think you don't like those as main notes, but you'd be surprised to find a lot of these are mixed in with your favorites!