Spring is here!!

Spring is beginning to sprout up here in central Missouri. I love the magic and the awakening that happens each year at this time. This year more than ever, I can feel hope growing and I'm just dreaming of all the possibilities after a year full of pandemic induced anxiety and uncertainty. 


Just one of the many reasons I decided to roll out some Spring products early! Honestly, the Spring Collection will most likely continue to grow over the next month or so. If you've been needing a little wake up call, make sure to check it out. I've got everything from delicious fruity scents to beautiful florals and aquatics. 


My plan is to get some new bath products out within the next couple of weeks as well. Whipped soaps, scrubs, milk baths and fizzing bath dust will all be making their grand entrance soon, so definitely keep your eyes wide open for that! 


Thanks for sticking with me through the wild shipping times, out of stock drama, and holidays this past year, friends! Each and every one of you are so appreciated!