This Mama is screaming TGIF and praying Jake's and my day date works out tomorrow. Been a couple of those days, you know? Just really longing for a few hours away to clear my head a bit and just not stress about anything.

That's the thing people don't talk about a lot because I realize it's a somewhat rare situation - trying to manage your 100% handcrafted business full time while still juggling being a stay at home parent full time. And when things around the house need planning or go awry, all your work must be put on the back burner.

I realize I used to do 2-3 types of product creation in a day (example - soap in the morning, scrubs in the afternoon). I'm lucky and I do mean LUCKY if I can manage 2 products fully made in a week now. Times are just very busy and hands are very full. I won't even bore everyone with the details of ridiculous water softener installer today but let's just say it stole my entire afternoon after already sacrificing many other days this week.

So I'm trying, I really am. Here's one thing I got done this week miraculous. Caramel Plum wax melts, which there will only be a few of in the Secret Cupboard release. Most of the oil is being dedicated to pre-orders so we'll see what's left after that. Anyway, I thought Caramel Plum deserved an upgrade so here's its new look 🥰

Thanks for reading till the end. Just gotta let that out sometimes.