What the heck is COLD THROW?!

Let's taco 'bout it Tuesday! Today we're gonna cover "Cold Throw" - a term you may have seen me throwing around like Lambert's rolls.

So what is it? Cold throw is the scent a candle or wax melt give off when they're not being melted yet. So when you open a fresh new package and take a sniff, that's what you're smelling. You may have noticed that sometimes the cold throw is light (see my Chamomile Dream post from last week) but once it's melting, it fills up the space (that's called Hot Throw btw). You may also notice that some fragrances have a RIDICULOUSLY strong cold throw - like Ultimate Sugar Cookie or Blooming Lilac, where they kind of overpower everything else 😆

These scents are great to leave around in your closet or dresser drawer, a little jar in your bathroom, etc.

What else would you like to know more about? We can do segments like this at least once a week and cover all kinds of stuff. Let me know in the comments!