Butter Balm, Lip Balm + Paw Balm - Full Collection

BUTTER BALM (FOR HUMANS): Made with skin nourishing cocoa butter, beeswax, shea butter, castor oil and safflower oil, these are the answer to those little trouble patches! 
They glide on so smooth and will seal in the moisture especially right after a shower or before bed.

External use only and not for use on lips (except the BARE unscented stick). 

Approximately 15g.

LIP BALM (FOR HUMANS): Made with lip nourishing beeswax, cocoa butter and shea, castor oil and safflower oil, a bit of flavor oil, use this to protect your lips and keep them soft! 

Approximately 5g.

PAW BALM (FOR DOGS):  Made with just 4 paw loving ingredients: candelilla wax, shea butter, jojoba oil and castor oil. Every single one of these ingredients is packed with benefits for your dog. This is a must for your pup's dry little toe beans, especially as cold weather closes in.

Approximately 1 oz.